Minimalist Tiki Printings (Recipe changes in particular)

In our third printing of Minimalist Tiki, we swapped some classic recipes for modern takes. While this has proved to be quite popular, it has caused some confusion about which printing has which recipes. It's also fueled the perception that the book is constantly changing (it's not).

Herewith are brief summaries of what changed in each printing:

The first printing was... well... the first printing.

The second printing just fixed typos and other extremely minor issues. Nothing added or deleted.

In the third printing, we swapped the "Classic 30" recipes for the "Modern Classic 30", i.e., modern spins, on the original Classic 30. We also fixed a few more stupid errors, like the infamous falernum mixup (adding sugar on both days 2 and 3).

The fourth printing is just a few more very tiny corrections of no note. Nothing added or deleted. Oh, and one of Lindy's recipes now says to go ahead and use 2 oz of gin rather than one, should you so desire.

In brief, chapter 17 became a completely different chapter in the 3rd printing, transitioning from Classic 30 to Modern Classic 30. That's really the only substantial change across all printings.

How do I know what edition I have: Find the copyright page (backside of the 2nd page in the book). Three lines from the bottom, it will say 'X' edition, where 'X' in the printing number, e.g. "third edition" is the third printing.

If I order from you, which printing will I ship: We never mix printings. We always deplete one printing before sending out any books from a subsequent printing. Currently we are on the fourth printing, which means there's no chance we'll send you a first, second, or third printing copy.