2020 Spirited Awards Top Four Finalist for Best Cocktail Book

Featured Bartenders and Bars

The book includes over 100 recipes from nearly two dozen renowned Tiki Bartenders and cutting age bars. The complete list:

  • Brian Maxwell
  • Chad Austin (LONO Hollywood)
  • Doc Parks (The Zombie Village)
  • Daniele Dalla Pola (Esotico)
  • Jason Alexander (Devil's Reef)
  • Jeanie Grant (Pagan Idol)
  • Justin Wojslaw (Diller Room)
  • Kevin Beary (Three Dots and a Dash)
  • Marie King (Tonga Hut)
  • Oriol Elias
  • Shelby Allison & Erin Hayes (Lost Lake)
  • Tiki Lindy
  • Zac Overman
  • Cane Rhum Bar (Charleston)
  • Dirty Dick (Paris)
  • The Inferno Room (Indianapolis)
  • Laki Kane (London)
  • Lost Lake (Chicago)
  • Navy Strength (Seattle)
  • Pagan Idol (San Francisco)
  • Rumba (Seattle)
  • The Shameful Tiki Room (Vancouver)
  • Trailer Happiness (London)