The Revolutionary Modern Tiki Book by Cocktail Wonk

Errata for first and second printing of Minimalist Tiki

We all make mistakes! Below are some minor errors that people have reported so far. They will be fixed in subsequent printings.

Page 14 - In the grid, Coconut Cream should be given as a component of the Cocoanut Grove, and not the Chief Lapu Lapu.

Page 82 - In the Day Two ingredients, sugar and water should not be listed. Rather, they are used in Day Three.

Page 123 - End of third paragraph: "receipt" should instead read "recipe".

Page 168 – Doomsayer’s Grog – “Honey" should be "Honey Mix (1:1)"

Page 186 – You’re not my real Trinidad - Coconut Cream should be “Cream of Coconut”

Page 244 - Escape Hatch: "oz" is missing from lemon an Jägermeister ingredients.

Page 257 – Day of the Dead – attribution should be “Rod Moore”, not “Rob Moore”

NOTE: If you see a recipe with a substantial amount of Angostura Bitters, like the Angostura Colada or the You're Not My Real Trinidad, it is NOT a typo. The recipes as printed are correct.