Get Your Minimalist Tiki Book Signed and Win $2500!

Want to win $2500 while visiting some of the best Tiki bars and bartenders on the planet? Then read on! 

Reàl Ingredients has pledged a prize of US $2,500 to the first person to get their copy of the Minimalist Tiki book signed by all the featured bartenders and bars. 

Purchase the book here!

Contest Rules

The over-arching goal is to be the first person to check-in with every bartender or bar featured in Part Four of the book, "(Cocktail) Movers and Shakers." The first person to complete this mission, and be properly verified (see below), will win the prize money, provided by Reàl. 

A “check-in” means: 

  • For featured bartenders (Chapter 15): An in-person encounter with that bartender. Your book must be signed by the bartender. The check-in need not be at the bartender’s place of employment. 
  • For featured bars (Chapter 16): A visit to that bar. Your book must be signed by a member of the bar staff. 
  • In either case, you must take a photographic selfie with the bartender or at the bar and retain it for later submission. However, you are also encouraged to post these selfies on social media (for extra verification!)--and don't forget to tag us at @minimalisttiki and @real_cocktail_ingredients! And use the hashtag #MinimalistTikiTour!

A completed submission must include the following for all bartenders/bars in the book: 

  • Selfie photograph with each bartender or at each bar, as applicable. 
  • Photograph of the signature in the book. 
  • Date and approximate time of the visit (and use that social media post as additional proof!). 

All check-ins must use the same copy of the book. The winner must submit proof that all the check-ins occur within the same book, e.g. via a video. 

Matt Pietrek, the author of Minimalist Tiki, will judge the validity of submissions. He reserves the right to consult with the bartender or bar to verify an entry. His interpretation of the rules and decision on the winning entry is final.

If no one has completed all check-ins by the contest end date, November 1, 2020, the entry with the most verified check-ins will win. In the event of a tie, prize money will be divided equally among the winners. 

If a bar is no longer in business before a winner is declared, a check-in at that bar shall no longer be required. 

If a bartender is no longer working as a bartender, a check-in with that person is not required. 

A “check-in” with either Shelby Allison or Erin Hayes is sufficient to complete that requirement. 

A “check-in” with Matt Pietrek (Chapter 15) is not a requirement, but feel free to have him sign your book if you see him! 

Submissions for consideration must be submitted and received via email to Matt Pietrek for verification at by 11:59 pm UTC on November 1, 2020

Winners will be responsible for any taxes or other costs incurred by receipt of prize money. 

Neither Reàl nor Matt Pietrek (Minimalist Tiki) will be responsible for any expenses, losses, or damage incurred by entrants as part of the competition. 

Winner agrees to allow their name and any/all submitted photographs for use in subsequent social media campaigns by Reàl or Matt Pietrek without additional permissions or compensation. 

End date: The last date to submit all final check-ins and documentation is November 1, 2020.  If an entry is submitted prior and confirmed to be complete and verified, the contest will be considered over and prize money awarded.